Need your kitchen knives sharpened? Not a problem, we do that along with small garden tools, fine scissors, gardening and horticulture tools, and very delicate medical, hair dressing and styling tools.

Starting a sharpening job at a local veterinary hospital

Sharp tools make your work easier, and provide the excellent results you need.

I work with a wide range of professionals whose job success depends on having very sharp, very precise tools!

I guarantee all of my sharpening services.

Prices (subject to change)

  • Knives – $9 to $10 and up
  • Grooming scissors – $20.00
  • Hair dressing shears – $25.00 and up
  • Small garden tools – $9 and up

Shaffett’s Sharpening – 360-385-4116 – Port Hadlock, WA

Thank you for visiting – Jeff Shaffett, Owner.